vosqua enables you to save a link and connect it to a code. Subsequently, everyone, who enters your code on vosqua.com, will be forwarded to whatever page you linked it to.

Why do you need us?

The easiest way is, and will always be, to share a normal link for the other person to click on or copy it.
But this is not always possible! Instagram and TikTok do not let their user click or copy links from under posts. On LinkedIn and Youtube posts perform worse and reach less people when external clickable links are used. How do you use links when you give a presentation and want to engage your audience? How do you share links offline?
vosqua solves all these problems. Just post your code and tell your audience to enter it on vosqua.com. This sure is an extra step for your clients or audience, but it is far easier than to copy out a link step by step into your browser.

Who are we?

vosqua KIG was founded in March of 2020 in St. Gallen, Switzerland.
After experiencing the trouble of using links on social media first-hand, the three founders Oliver Meyer, Leandro Berisha and Tobias Maechler decided to create a solution themselves.

Our custom codes

Would you like to work with a personal, scalable code, to create a better experience for your customers? Great! We would like to offer you your own custom-made code.
Your brand, an abbreviation, your nameā€¦ everything is possible. Write an email to oliver.meyer@vosqua.com and he will get in touch with you.